Why does my dryer say “DR80”

So that’s the question, why does my dryer say “DR80”

What does DR80 mean?

Once upon a time… when I was a younger lass, my family was out having a picnic at a local park. My mom was just finishing her lunch when she got a call from our neighbor. Apparently our fire alarm had been going off for about 15 minutes and she was wondering if we were okay. So we rushed home and in a nutshell, our washing machine had flooded our entire house! Ever since that day, I have had a sort of PTSD of washers and dryers.

Now imagine me, sitting here taking my laundry out of the washing machine and putting it in the dryer. I pushed the start button but it didn’t start, it just beeped at me for a second and showed, DR80. My heart leaped. I kinda had a panic attack. What did DR80 mean? Here’s what my mind did,

Why is it saying that 80 Drunk Raccoons are infesting the house?

Why is it saying that Deadly Robots are invading reality 80?

Why is it saying that there’s a Disaster in Relative space on the 80th planet?

My mind went to some dark places… so I did what a reasonable person would do. I called my handyman in St. George and he helped me figure it out. DR80 actually means that my dryer vents are 80% clogged! Hello fire hazard!!! Thank heavens for my handyman. He really is the best.

Anyway, that’s what I learned!

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